Neon Reverb Review

21 Sep

I’m pooped. I think I spent most of my time carrying my music equipment from the car to the hotel room during the festival. Ok maybe that’s a little exaggeration, but I did carry a bunch of equipment back and forth from the room to the car about 4-6 times in 2 days.

The festival was so awesome. In my musical history its rare to find bands that you play with on the same bill that you like. It was so refreshing to find cool new bands! We had people dancing and the room was pretty filled. Its so exciting to play to a receptive audience. I think were used to jaded show goers here in Los Angeles. Here are a few bands we played with that were totally worth mentioning:

“Many Birthdays” (
I wanna call them Indie Japanese Electro Pop. They are fun, high energy, edgy, & cool. Being Japanese I can tell you their Japanese totally makes sense and they sing it well. Its frustrating when I hear bad Japanese. I met these guys and they were so genuine and sweet. Apparently they used to live in Osaka. How cool is that? They are currently residing in Austin,TX and hopefully we will perform with them when we are over there.

Facts on File- (
My favorite band at the festival. Facts on File delivers! They kinda have this post punk mixed with garage rock feel that reminds of why I started playing rock n’ roll in the first place. You can hear the Cars & Talking Heads influence in singer/bass player, Joseph White but he performs with his own unique style. Every single person I was with loved them and bought their record. Drummer Molly Durkin & guitar player Shannon Lay rock so hard! I wish I was as talented as both of them. The best part of meeting them was that we found out they are from LA too! We hope to play shows locally together in the future. They are so awesome. I have to go buy their record right now. They are playing at Silverlake Lounge this wednesday 9/22 at 9pm.

Kid Meets Cougar (
This duo comprised of Brett Bolton and Courtney Carroll will make you dance. You just can’t help it. Their live performance reminds me of “Cornelius'” live shows with sequenced video. The sequenced video is really awesome. I love work like this.  Its like having TV Sheriff in your band. The entire Beauty Bar was dancing to their set leaving us wanting more. It was one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time.

I’m sad to say, I did not have time to eat at any vegan places. A little disappointed but I found Wendy’s Noodle Cafe in chinatown to be tasty. I asked the questions to try and make sure my noodles were vegan but you never know. I had to just cross my fingers.


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