GGP Tour Review NY to Toronto

12 Nov

Finally,  I can get to twriting about my adventures in NY and Toronto!  We (Gooby Goo & Peekers, now going by the name GGP consisting of me, Grahm Baker, Mike Sattin, & Aaron Finley) flew into JFK and had our friend Jim (Jim helped us out on tour as our 2nd guitar player) pick us up.  We rented a cute little house in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn which is quite far from anything.  Its next to Coney Island.  We stayed here for a few days and played one show in Brooklyn.  Then we headed out to Toronto where we played 4 nights.  Here is a review of my experience.

Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY

This show was interesting, the venue itself is super cool.  There is a giant room that has a convertable wall, and the room turns into 2 rooms.  The staff was ultra friendly.  We played with 2 awesome bands.  Open Ocean & Baby Copperhead.  Open Ocean is a new all girl band.  They have a super dreamy indie pop sound.  They are really really great.  I can see them becoming really popular.  They seemed a little shy on stage but I found it to be quite charming and I know they will eventually grow out of it.  I am hoping I can play with them again in the future.  I think I’m their number one fan now.  Baby Copperhead is Benjamin B. Lee rocking out on a banjo accopanied by keyboards and electronic beats.  Its a refreshing new take on the banjo.  Not only is his music an amazing blend of indie, electronic, folk, and experimental, he is really cute too.

The downer of the show was that there weren’t too many people there.  Apparently its hard to get people to come to Gowanus for a show because even some of my friends didn’t show up.  What jerks! If its not in Greenpoint or Williamsburg, it seems people have a hard time going to shows.  For the sake of this venue I hope it gets better.  I mean of course GGP is a nobody in NY so we didn’t have a turn out but the other 2 bands are from NY.  Its weird.  I learned that the scene is very different from Los Angeles.

As I watched boys eat pizza and hotdogs like crazy, I too wanted to eat some junk food.  Thank goodness for FoodSwings!  This little vegan joint keeps me coming back every time i’m in Brooklyn.  They have great vegan junk food.  I had the following:

BUFFALO CUTLET SANDWICH – Battered & Fried Cutlet Drenched in Buffalo Sauce & Bleu Cheese on a Sandwich Roll 6.50

Then I had this to-go for breakfast the next day:

EGGIE & CHEESE – Fried Tofu ―egg style‖ With Sliced Soy Cheese on Toast 5.25 Add Soy Bacon, Soy Ham Or Soy Breakfast Sau- sage for .50 Extra Each

When you’re on the road you gotta think ahead!  especially when you’re vegan.  I was so happy!  Yummmm.

Next time more adventures in rock n’ roll: Our road trip to Toronto.  This story includes our main character “Bag of Hot Fries”

Enjoy this awesome video from Open Ocean


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