Road Trip to Toronto

13 Nov

Jim had recently driven from Los Angeles to Baltimore in his awesome rental van. Along his way he picked up a bag of hot fries that never got eaten. This bag of hot fries became our 6th bandmate on our road trip.

We left Brooklyn and headed out towards Toronto. We stopped by a “Man Vs. Food” restaurant in Syracuse,NY. It was a place called Dinosaur Bar-B-Q. Basically, there wasn’t anything for me to eat there but I am glad my bandmates got to eat their favorite foods. The hot fries were in danger of getting eaten several times during our trip.

We stayed the night at the Quality Inn on the U.S. side, which smelled like water damage. It was so horrible we spent most of the night in Denny’s until we were tired enough to go to bed. The next morning we got to go to Niagara Falls and had a lovely time there. I had never been. It was so amazing. All Jim could say was “There’s so much water!”.

We made it passed the border and headed into Toronto


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