Arriving in Toronto

14 Nov

We stayed a little outside the downtown area in a suburb called Don Valley.  Our hotel was sooooo nice!  We were so excited.  They had an indoor pool, gym, sauna, steam room.  It was fantastic. Here is the breakdown of all of our Toronto shows.  Some good, some horrible, some just ok.

Bovine Sex Club–  This was our first show during Indie Week Toronto music festival.  The venue looks like a punk rock dive bar.  Super kitschy.  We had a lot of fun playing here.  It was our first and only place we ever got a real sound check.  Sound checks are really important for us because we run extra sequenced tracks coming out of our laptop.  I feel like we played pretty well and had so much fun meeting new friends.  The crowd was okay.  Not huge but not empty.  We particularly enjoyed the band “Wazu”.

Rivoli- This club was also a restaurant.  I didn’t get a chance to try their food.  We had the most unfriendly sound guy I have ever encountered.  We didn’t get a sound check.  As a matter of fact we didn’t even get a line check.  Of all the years I have been in bands and performed all around the world.  I have never encountered such a thing.  We were expected to just go up and start playing without being able to hear anything.  On top of that, they begged us to use their shitty Marshall amps.  We have  a particular  way of playing that requires smaller more clearer amps.  We were polite and used their amps.  Biggest mistake ever!!!  I couldn’t hear anything.  I mean I couldn’t hear anything.  It was a total mess on stage.  We barely got through the set.  I was so extremely flustered.  It was really the first time I have ever experienced that on stage.  Horrific!!!  To top it all off, this was the night we were being evaluated by judges.  It was just such an extreme let down.  Plus no one was there.

Nocturne- This was clearly a goth/industrial club.  It reminded me of my youth when I was a dark club go-er in Los Angeles.  There was a guy wearing vinyl pants.  I hadn’t seen that in ages.  It was kinda fun to reminisce.  There was a decent audience there but we didn’t play till late at night.  The second room and the main room were battling for sound.  It was hard to get passed that.  Whenever you stopped playing you could hear the band in the other room.  We played on the worlds smallest stage.  We were so cramped but had so much fun.  We really enjoyed this evening. “Wazu” played on the same bill again, so it was great to see them.

Rivoli- We were so scared to go back to this venue.  Since experiencing my worst show in my entire career of music, I was traumatized to go back to the scene of this crime.  We were extremely relieved to see we had a new sound engineer.  PHEW!! At least that part is a plus.  We played with all these great bands from Tokyo.


They were also great.  We all went out to chinese dinner afterwards and got to really hang out and get to know each other.  They were so amazing!  Our show was much better this time.  We did get to have a line check.  We also got to use our own equipment.  That really makes all the difference!  We left Toronto very fulfilled with some new friends.


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