Star Trek Drinking Game

20 Feb

If you didn’t know already, I’m totally outing myself on this post. I am a total NERD! I was watching a Star Trek Next Generation episode the other day titled “Force of Nature” (Season 7-Episode 9), and realized that this episode lends itself really well to a simple drinking game. Here is the general plot from Wikipedia:

The Federation Starfleet Starship USS Enterprise is sent to the Hekaras Corridor, the only safe path through the sector, to investigate the disappearance of the medical ship U.S.S. Fleming. In the process they find a Ferengi ship, which is badly disabled. The Ferengi daimon contends a Federation buoy disabled his ship. The Enterprise crew learns a Hekaran brother and sister, Rabal and Serova, are responsible for disabling the ships by using disguised ship-disabling mines. These siblings contend that sustained warp drive is destroying the fabric of space near their homeworld, and will eventually destroy their planet. Datadetermines that the research has merit, but requires more study. Picard requests a more thorough investigation from the Federation’s Science Council.  However, Serova is not willing to wait for any more studies. In order to prove her theory she causes a warp breach in her ship, killing herself in the process. A rift is formed, and the Fleming becomes trapped in the damaged space. The Enterprise crew manages to find a way to “surf” through the rift without using warp drive, beam up the Fleming crew, and escape the rift.  Later, the Federation Council issues a new directive limiting all Federation vessels to a speed of warp five except in extreme emergency. The Klingon Empire also agrees to the limitations, but there is uncertainty as to whether or not the Romulan Star Empire, Ferengi Alliance and Cardassian Union will, as well.  This episode also features much dialogue between Geordi and Data concerning Data’s cat, Spot. Geordi had a terrible experience babysitting it, and insists Spot needs training. Data tries multiple techniques, but is unsuccessful.

Rules: This drinking game is very simple.  You can play with beer or shots but I suggest beer because you will get way too drunk. Every time they say the word “Rift” or “Warp” you have to take a drink.  You can make other people drink more if you can get them to say the word “Rift” or “Warp” by tricking them.


Person 1: What kind of drive did they say?

Person 2: WARP drive!

In this scenario, person 1 has tricked person 2 into saying the word “Warp”. Now person 2 must have a drink.

The show starts out a little slow with Data and his Cat but it gets better as it goes on. I have to admit, that I haven’t tried the game yet so I am not sure how drunk you get.  If you actually try this, please report back.  Also if you have suggestions for additions to the game please send those to me so I can update the game.


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