Vegan Southern Cookout @ Figueroa Produce

31 May

Highland Park DinDin A Go Go has been going strong for awhile now. I think I put on a few extra pounds thanks to Figueroa Produce. It’s extra special tonight! There will be a focus on vegan southern food. That sounds almost contradictory but vegan southern food is possible to make! Show your support for vegan events and supporters of local organic community minded businesses like Figueroa Produce! This event takes place inside the store, not at the trucks.

For more info:

Two special sandwiches with fresh seasonings and ingredients on fresh baked French bread, toasted with chili butter and garnished with fresh arugulaYour choice of Po-Boy, as supplies last are:
Lemon rosemary chicken* Po-Boy with creamy cucumber sauce
Chili Burger* Po-boy with onion fritter with chipotle mayo
$7 each

Side dishes are:
Hamtastic** Southern Greens (we don’t overcook ’em, we like you to taste the greens!) $4.00 a plate
Jalapeno chunky cornbread muffins with whole grain corn and wheat flours and fresh corn and peppers (huge hit with the taste testers) $1.50 each or $7 a half dozen

For kids we have Chicken fingers* in pickle ketchup or barbecue sauce $6.00 for 5 fingers and fresh carrot and celery sticks

Get a meal with a cornbread muffin, greens, and a Po-Boy for $10.00, or a kid’s plate with Chicken fingers, a muffin, and greens for $9.00

All the sandwiches are made to order, and all the dishes are prepared with fresh picked, organic herbs and vegetables, locally baked fresh breads, and all recipes made by a very fussy vegan chef to ensure it’s all vegan and delicious.

*This week we’ll be serving up Fry’s Vegan chicken, hamburger, and chicken fingers. Next week we will be featuring Match Meats.
** We use the kobe vegan lunchmeat ham for that extra smokey flavor

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