Vegan Cherimoya Ice Cream Sandwich

10 Jun

My ice cream making continues with my newest flavor. Vegan cherimoya! It came out pretty good but I have adjustments to make and try out. I used only one cherimoya but should have used two to really bring out the flavor. I didn’t want to use sugar because I am trying to cut down and replaced it with brown rice syrup. Brown rice syrup has a distinct taste that can over power the cherimoya. I think I will use agave syrup next time. I learned a lot making this ice cream and though it was not perfect, it was still pretty tasty. I put the ice cream between 2 graham cracker cookies and made a delicious vegan cherimoya ice cream sandwich. I also sprinkled a little chocolate powder before closing the sandwich. I happen to use graham crackers with honey so they aren’t truly vegan. Honey is the only non-vegan food I make exceptions for. Vegan graham crackers are hard to find but you can either bake them or buy the following:

Grateful Grahams

Health Valley

If anyone would like my updated cherimoya ice cream recipe please message me.

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