Vegan Mac N’ Cheezu & La Sera

18 Jun

Just got back from Hugo’s Restaurant in Studio City. I love the variety of vegan items there. Today I tried their new Mac N’ Cheese  which I like to call Mac N’ Cheezu (because I’m Japanese and we put “u” at the end of a lot of words). I believe it is listed as a starter and it may be available as an entree as well. It was pretty creamy and had good flavor. I have yet to try a true vegan mac n cheez that I thought was great. This version comes with onions, mushrooms, & peas. It inspired me to try and make my own version. Stay tuned for my “Biigan Makku Ando Cheezu” recipe coming up, as soon as I have time to make it.

I already poked at it so it looks a little messy in this picture.

Tomorrow is the Make Music Pasadena festival!

Around Pasadena at various venues there will be all kinds of bands and artists performing. It’s FREE and all ages. I think I’m going to head down there on my bicycle around noon to eat some food and head to the indie rock stage at 1pm. La Sera will be performing at 1pm. I love La Sera and would love to check them out live. The indie rock stage is amusingly not so indie considering that the sponsor is Wells Fargo bank.  Other interesting acts include Dustbowl Revival, Ra Ra Riot, Jessica Fichot,  Best Coast, & The Lonely Wild. Below is the link to the program and info:

LA SERA- “Never Come Around”


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