Homemade Tofu, The Vegan Staple of Japan

28 Jan

Every morning I am able to get fresh homemade tofu and soy milk. This is my vegan staple during my stay here in Japan. The woman who makes it has purple and white hair. I’m not sure if she has this hair style because its punky and cool or if its more “old lady with blue hair”a la mode. Regardless, it looks really cool. I wish I took a picture of her. The star of the show is this homemade tofu. The huge block of tofu in the window can probably be divided into about 25 large blocks that are individually sold. It is really yummy and tasty. This morning my aunt and uncle presented it two ways. One was plain with a little soy sauce the other was cooked with bean sprouts and sesame. It was so delicious. As you can see I had a few other tasty treats for breakfast. Though it may look more like a dinner or a lunch to people from other countries, this is a typical Japanese breakfast. This morning we had miso soup with vegetables, rice, kimchi, the two styles of tofu, and natto. Natto is seriously an acquired taste. It is fermented soy beans and it smells really bad. Its sticky and stringy and all together unappetizing. Since I have been eating it my whole life I quite like it. I can see how it can be unappealing. My father is coming tomorrow with a package of vegan cookies and a pack of corn tortillas. I am planning to make Mexican Asian fusion tacos when the tortillas arrive. Maybe tofu kimchi tacos and fried potato tacos. Though I love being in my family’s home town, I really miss my home town of Los Angeles and all its mixed cultural foods. I can’t wait to eat potato tacos, vegan pho, vegan soy fish wrap, a really good Kale salad, and most importantly vegan pizza!

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One Response to “Homemade Tofu, The Vegan Staple of Japan”

  1. John Silver (@BlueLanugo) January 28, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

    Great article! I want to try homemade tofu!

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