Vegan Potato Tacos In Japan

30 Jan

I think I made the first ever potato tacos in this part of Japan. My father was able to bring me a care package from home which contained a package of tortillas and a bottle of hot sauce. I watched my friend Luz make potato tacos for me once, so I tried to remember and copy what she did. For the filling I took potatoes, boiled and mashed them with salt and garlic powder, and some pepper and a little water. Then I heated the tortilla and placed the filling in holding the taco together with toothpicks. Then they were fried. For salsa I took tomato, onion, and cabbage (because I needed something green), chopped it up but did not have any cilantro or peppers or limes, so I just put some lemon, salt, and hot sauce. The most important lesson I learned is to heat up the tortilla before working with them or else they will break. I ripped the first corn tortilla because it was hard and cold. It was no El Atacor #11 but it satisfied my hunger for Mexican food. Don’t get me wrong, it was NOT Mexican food but it was a good substitute for my current situation. Thanks to Luz for making me real Mexican food, I was able to learn from you!


One Response to “Vegan Potato Tacos In Japan”

  1. John Silver (@BlueLanugo) January 30, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    I would send you some El Atacor #11 but they would be cold by the time they got there and you need to eat those guys HOT HOT HOT!

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