Low Calorie Vegan Recipes

24 Feb

There is a misconception that vegans are thin and don’t gain weight. I have been battling my weight and dieting for a few years now. It has been difficult finding low calorie vegan meals that are satisfying. I don’t want to just eat salad all the time. That’s not realistic. If I did that, I would end up binging on chips or bread or something bad.

Recently, my friend Luz came over and cooked me a meal which was salsa fresca and beans over quinoa. It was so delicious and satisfying. I modified her version to make a lower calorie meal which is great for lunch or dinner. If you have been following my blog, Luz was the one who made potato tacos too. She’s not vegan but is a great cook and comes up with awesome vegan recipes when she feeds me.

Although I am sick of salads these are my two favorite packaged salads that you can eat right away from Trader Joes. The Super Spinach Salad and the Kale Bistro Salad. I wouldn’t use the dressings that it comes with because they are super high calorie, but try something like Follow Your Hearts Vegan Lemon Dressing which is only 90 calories per serving.

Salsa Fresca Over Quinoa

1 bundle- Cilantro
1/2- Lemon
1tsp- Sea Salt
1/4 cup- Quinoa
1/3 cup- Vegetable broth

To cook quinoa- put vegetable broth and quinoa and simmer on low for about 20 minutes.

To make Salsa Fresca: Chop tomato, cilantro, cucumber, & onions. Take out seeds on the jalapeño. Chop jalapeño and add it to the tomato, cilantro, cucumber, onions. Squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle salt.

Mix everything together and pour over quinoa. Hope you enjoy! This bowl is approximately 324 calories.

Thanks again Luz for the inspiration.


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