Vegan Low Calorie Meals Continued

6 Mar

I started getting the hang of this counting calories thing. I have been on this website/app called MyFitnessPal. I even got a few of my friends to join it. We’ve been encouraging each other to eat healthy and exercise. I have been eating quinoa and vegetables for  weeks now and haven’t got sick of it, but I decided to find more low calorie meals. Sun Flour makes bread that is only 100 calories per slice and I have been eating tempeh “chicken salad” sandwiches for snacks. I make 1/2 a sandwich and it only ends up being about 214 calories. Lunches have been mostly salads and getting dressing on the side. I was enjoying Follow Your Heart Vegan Lemon Dressing which is 90 calories for 2 TBSP but recently discovered Follow Your Heart Vegan Caesar Dressing which is only 70 calories per serving (2 TBSP).  Trader Joe’s Tahini Sauce is also only 90 calories per serving (2 TBSP). I have been putting that tahini sauce on everything from morning toast to dinner salad. It is so much better than putting Earth Balance Butter Spread which is 100 calories for 1 TBSP.  I feel like I’m becoming a little obsessive but its kinda fun. I do still feel hungry a lot. I think I need to eat more fruits in between meals. I’m just such a carb fanatic. I also like salty over sweet. Do you have any tips on eating low calorie as a vegan?


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