Found!!! Vegan Food Truck In Japanese Countryside!

31 Mar

It’s not Chastellis food truck, Green truck, Franken’s, or Seabirds, but I did find a vehicle carry vegan goods driving around blasting music and advertisement in my family’s tiny town. Its the Tofu truck! They sell many styles of tofu such as Zaru tofu (the kind you scoop with a spoon), peanut flavor, soft, medium, firm, fried, you name it, they got it (if it’s a type of tofu). My family purchased all types for their restaurant, but I got yuzu flavored tofu. Yuzu is a popular flavor in Japan. They use it in dishes, desserts, drinks, bath soap, shampoo, everything. They got Yuzu everything. Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit that has the most amazing flavor and taste. It makes everything taste so much fresher and aromatic. My friend Bahia and I started thinking about growing Yuzu in our back yards but found it difficult to find these trees for purchase in Los Angeles. I would have to smuggle seeds, and hope that I could plant and foster it to become a baby tree. I would most likely end up killing it. So I just stock up on yuzu flavored stuff while I’m here in Japan. Check out the pictures of the Tofu truck. I will let you know what yuzu tofu tastes like.

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