Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May

My mother and I have a very complex relationship like most mothers & daughters. In a few months I will be giving her a piece of me, literally! We will be scheduling a living donor liver transplant this summer where my mother will receive a small portion of my liver. Apparently my liver will grow back to normal in a few months. The human body is so amazing. Since my mother was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis this January, I have had a lot of time to reflect on our relationship. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to give her another chance at life and another chance at our relationship and connecting with each other. To me this will be a new beginning with a new mother and me as a new daughter. We will be reborn. I recently stumbled on to this old film I made in 2003 where I struggle to find peace within myself and with my mother. I feel like I am finally here. I have found serenity. I am glad I was able to express myself, discover my hardships, resentments, angst, and most importantly a cry for love and connection to bring me to a place of gratitude today.

Haha Okasan


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