Happy Tanabata (Star Festival)

7 Jul

Tanabata is a Japanese tradition that celebrates a myth about two deities who are separated by the milky way. According to the myth, Hikoboshi & Orihime are only able to meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month. These two deities are represented by the constellation of Vega & Altair. To celebrate the tradition, Japanese people write their wishes on colorful paper and make decorations for the wish tree which is a made from bamboo. During this time of year it is “tsuyu” the east Asian rain season. Since I have been here the last few weeks it has not stopped raining. It is believed that Hikoboshi & Orihime are not allowed to meet if it rains. So many people wish for good weather.

Seems like we have wonderful weather today and I also received a wonderful meal to celebrate this occasion. The hospital gave me another beautiful vegan meal and to celebrate it came with 2 stewed daikon radishes representing the 2 deities with exactly 7 edamame beans sprinkled on top. I also have pink & white noodles, again symbolizing the 2 constellations. My meal also came with barley rice & grated mountain yam, cucumber salad, & sliced kiwi for dessert. It was delicious and so thoughtful. I love the traditions and this celebration.



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