Time Bank & Repair Cafe

31 Aug
Repair Cafe

Recently, I have become involved with my local Time Bank (Arroyo S.E.C.O.) If you have never heard of the Time Bank, it’s a pretty awesome organization. Here is a little bit about it (this is from their websitehttp://www.timebanks.org ):  

“The mission of TimeBanks is to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent. We are working with TimeBanks leaders across the US and internationally to strengthen and rebuild community, and use TimeBanks to achieve wide-ranging goals such as social justice, bridges between diverse communities, and local ecological sustainability.”

Basically, if I teach you Japanese for 1 hour, I earn 1 dollar in my time bank. I can use that 1 dollar for any other service that is listed in the time bank. If I want a massage I can use 1 dollar towards that, or have someone paint my room, etc. Time is the currency and skill sharing builds community and a sustainable economy. Our newest project is called Repair Cafe! We have a new Repair Cafe even coming up and you should come if you are in the area. If not, join the timebank and start your own in your area! 

In the spirit of moving toward zero waste and stewardship of our planet’s resources, the Repair Cafe/ Pasadena links local handy people to folks in need of repairs of all kinds: clothing, appliances, bikes, furniture, electronics…and more. The Repair Cafe is inspired by the philosophy of a Sharing Economy. We share our time, skills and talents to build a more vibrant local community, one repair at a time. This month’s event focuses on clothing repair and repurposing as well as jewelry repair and knife sharpening and a special feature, a Really Really Free Table.  Bring items you no longer want/need that are in decent condition, and take what you may need from this table…free, really really free.  Items not taken by 4 pm will be taken to the Goodwill.  Repairs can be paid with Time Dollars if you are a member of the Arroyo Time Bank, an alternate economy and online tracking of services exchanged.  ATB  and NELA Transition have the goal of creating local community.  

Bring your Tattered Threads to REPAIR CAFE 


Armory Center For The Arts 145 North Raymond Avenue

Pasadena, California 91103


presented by NELA Transition and Arroyo Time Bank




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