My First Conversation With Okasan (Mother)

24 Sep

I just spoke with my mother for the first time since our transplant. She wasn’t able to speak yet when I left the hospital and I have not made much of an effort to contact her in the last 2 months. Surprisingly, she answered the phone. I was startled to hear my mother speaking so clearly. She did not mumble, she spoke completely normally. I was so shocked, I just burst into tears and told her how worried I have been for so long. I kept telling her that I couldn’t believe she could speak. I asked her if she could walk and with a slightly humorous tone, “of course I can walk!” It was so exciting to hear this. She told me that she doesn’t remember being in the ICU at all! She says she is still having a hard time with her memory and distinguishing what is real and what was a dream. 

She asked me if I was still married, which was really strange. Apparently, she has been having dreams about me being divorced and marrying some new man. I did assure her that I was still married to my first husband. She also asked me if I could take care of the little black dog that my aunt was watching. This wouldn’t be strange if we had a little black dog. But we don’t! So, her memory needs to be worked on still but she was able to have a worthwhile conversation with me. This made me so happy and hopeful. I can’t believe this living donor liver transplant stuff works. Yay science!


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